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Bridging to provide industry data and insight

Wednesday 14th September

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There's a new website that should be of interest to everyone in the bridging loan industry, and even financial journalists looking to source stats and insights. Bridging Market has recently gone live and provides statistically significant data and analysis about bridging finance in the UK.


Their surveys so far have provided stats about flipping houses and property in the UK, and they even revealed that 47.75% of the UK refer to 'bridging' as 'bridging loan'. FYI, 19.30% said 'bridge loan', 17.64% said 'bridging finance' and 9.32% said 'bridge finance'.

Their latest survey asked over 1,000 people in the UK in the last 2 years if they thought now was a good time to invest in the property market. 63.04% said 'yes'.

Bridging Market Stats

Skybridge Lending Director, Gary Poulton, said "As specialists in bridging finance, it's essential for us to discover new consumer trends and insights."

"Any way we can better understand potential customers is a huge positive. We're looking forward to seeing what Bridging Market discovers next."

We'll be keeping a keen eye on and suggest you do too. Visit Bridging Market and sign up for free alerts and get their news, stats and analysis emailed to you.

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