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Business Bridging Loans & Finance

Funding delivered at lightning speed

As private lenders, we’re able to make fast decisions and complete loan applications at lightning speed, delivering the essential funding required to complete commercial property transactions or unexpected financial transactions, and more.

All status’ considered - we look at the big picture

We’re specialists in the complicated and niche financing needs. Complex lending requirements or credit situations aren’t a problem for us as we always look at the big picture. As a direct lender, we have more flexibility to choose who we lend to and for what purpose.

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Loan Criteria

Loan Amount:

£26,000 To £15,000,000

Loan Term:

Up to 18 months

Loan To Value:

Up to 75% LTV


Residential, commercial & mixed-use property


UK including NI


Same day


3 - 14 business days


Sale or refinance

Finance Uses

Office building purchases

Industrial premises purchases

Retail unit purchases

Investment property purchases

Hotels, pubs, restaurant property purchases

Care home property purchases

Unlock working capital

Acquiring new business

Development opportunity


Aid with cashflow

Equipment, plant or stock purchases

Redeem an existing business loan

Redeem charge on assets

Debt consolidation

Settling tax liabilities

Case Studies

£600k Bridging finance on property in Watford

Our customer was in a difficult situation after a bankruptcy order a few years ago in which they owed a substantial amount. The redemption period for a £600k facility was nearing, and the interest rate on this loan would increase significantly after that. The client's financial situation had deteriorated over the past 18 months, and was considering selling their property to settle debt and free up…

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£600k Bridging finance for property in Watford

£220k Short-term bridge loan to secure a property in Wales for rental

Our client approached us with an intriguing investment opportunity: a house in a stunning location in Wales that had outstanding buy-to-let potential despite the fact that it needed considerable repair. Unable to secure a typical buy-to-let mortgage due to the necessary modifications required prior to mortgage lenders considering a BTL mortgage our client needed alternative property finance. Confident in the…

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£220k Short-term bridge loan to secure a property in Wales for rental

Large bridging loan for property in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Our client wanted to buy a £2million residential house in Royal Tunbridge Wells, but their funds were locked up in another property that wasn't ready to sell as it required minor refurbishment to obtain full market value. As the property they were selling to help fund their acquisition wouldn't be on the market until 3 months time they needed an alternative source of funds in order to…

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Large bridging loan for property in Royal Tunbridge Wells whilst waiting for planning

£400k Bridging Finance For London Property

The customer consulted a broker in this case because they were in a unique circumstance that required a great deal of personal care and compassion. The client was a young son who had recently experienced the death of his mother. It was a difficult transition for the client because they had spent his entire childhood together in their family home. Our client had no additional siblings or relatives, and he was…

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£900k Bridging Finance For London Property

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